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Submitted by: *Name Removed by Request* - Toronto, Ontario, Canada

This is my second Corvette and it is 10 million times better than the first (see 1976 White L82). In May, some heartless fellow stole my pride and joy (the '76). Rather than cry over spilt milk, I looked for next super car to pilot. I wanted so bad to get into a 1968-72 but the price was to high for the ones I wanted (LTI, LS-6, 427, 454, etc.). So then I thought that an early C4 from 1985 to 1988 might do. While those things drive like slot cars, they lack the presence of the sharks.

Just as well, I had put a deposit on a super-fast yellow 1985 with a ZR1 rear bumper and 1991 wheels. Later that day and just for fun, I made one final drive to see a beige 1980 shark. It was about an hour's drive from my house so I took a friend, John 'the Rattlesnake' Montefiore, and we made an evening of it. Having already convinced myself that I was going buy the 1985, I was doing this merely for the pleasure of seeing another man's treasure.

Well, was I surprised! The car looked FANTASTIC! The owner had just got a promotion and purchased a Metallic Red 1999 Coupe with all the options. He had wanted to keep the '80 but his wife was not so inclined. Having said this, I still was only there for pleasure. What happened next changed my life.

Ken Wilkins, a Corvette champ in every sense of the word, volunteered his car for a test drive. Like a man holding 4 aces, he lit the fire under the hood. A symphony of heavenly proportions ensued and I made eye contact with John. He would later say that it was at that moment he knew that I had changed my mind. He was right. Ken had told me he had done a rebuild 25,000 km ago but I didn't know that that project also included a cam lift, Edelbrock Performer intake, high compression pistons, a rejetted carb and headers to straight exhausts. This was a rocket!

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One full-throttle straightaway later and we were shaking hands. Man, this car has redefined the driving experience for me. I have enough power to spank those little pretenders and enough class to park with the best of them. Ken had not only created a monster but he took care of it like a mother and its child. Clean and fast.

Now I cruise the streets of Toronto like the luckiest man in the world. Everywhere I go, men and children cheer and the ladies swoon. This car literally shakes at idle (thus the nickname). I can only image what it feels like pulling up beside this monster rumbling from side to side and up and down. I never disappoint - I always put on the tire-squealing, rocket launching show!

And I ALWAYS wave.

Cheers from Toronto, Ontario, Canada

PS: In case you're wondering, my other friend (Rino Spano, also on his second Vette) bought the 1985. Sometimes, we turn the city upside down with what we like to call 'the Running of the Bulls'. No one can stop us.

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