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Submitted by: David Sollenne

I have been in love with Corvettes since I was about 10 years old when I noticed this "cool" car coming down the road one day when I was playing in the front yard after school. After that day I used to make sure I was outside every day to watch that car drive by on its way home. A couple of years later my dad bought a gas station where I'd hang around. Whenever a Vette would pull up, I'd beg my dad to let me fill it with gas just so I could look at the car close up.

I was always impressed with the sleek lines of the C3 design. The bulging front fenders that looked as if the car was flexing its muscles and the long front end that from just the right angle looked like a dragon about to attack. The whole car just looked like it could come alive at any moment and devour anything in its way.

Then, in 1978 (my senior year in high school) the first Corvette Pace Car was released and I fell in love all over again. I didn't think the Corvette could be improved upon but there it was with the new glass back and two-tone paint. I swore the first time I saw one that I would have one someday.

After that my life took a major turn. I got married and joined the Air Force. Soon after, my son was born and in 1981 I had to buy a new reliable family car. When shopping at the local Chevy dealer, I had to look at the new Corvette that was on the display floor. I couldn't believe my eyes. Chevrolet had redesigned the Corvette again and again improved upon the design. The new front and rear bumpers with the integrated spoilers made the Vette look even better. I was now more in love than ever, but had to settle for a Monza at the time.

16 years later I decided to it was time to make my dream come true, so I started shopping for my Vette. I knew I wanted that last C3 design. I finally decided on a 1982 Collector Edition. After that a 1993 40th anniversary edition followed.

I was very happy with those two cars, but unfortunately I lost the Collector Edition in a divorce and got caught up in all the C5 hype and traded my 93 for a brand new 98. The 98 was probably the best car I've ever owned, but I just wasn't living my dream of having one of the last C3 designs. So I sold the 98 and found this beautiful 1982 Corvette.

It was a low mileage car (17,500) when I bought it in January of 1998. It now has just over 20,000 miles on it. I drive it on weekends and show it when I can. It has a new interior; seats and carpet, and new paint. Other than that it is completely original.

This car will be with me forever as I am now living my Corvette dream.

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